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3G Associates is an international training company, specialising in police, immigration officer, border control and prison officer training. 3G Associates uses experienced police officers, prison officers and prison governors to design and deliver our bespoke training courses. All of our training courses are designed working with individual client requirements to ensure we meet their specific needs.
We pride ourselves on producing a total quality product. We take a bespoke approach to course design, factoring in the unique requirements of each client. We have a corporate focus on audit and review, and we subject our products to credible third party accreditation.

3G Associates also provides advice and guidance on strategic planning, project management and security design solutions.

News Update

We have currently delivering Security Awareness and Body Language courses in the Middle East and running Workshops in the Far East focusing on CCTV, Body Language and Security Awareness.


These courses were specially designed by 3G Associates at the request of the Ministry of the Interior in Qatar, to train Immigration Officers, and has been revised to meet the requirements of Abu Dhabi Police both for immigration and crime detection officers.


The Workshops in the Far East are a new departure with the potential to grow our business in that area.


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Police and Crime Commissioners

We provide advice and training to PCCs. This is designed and delivered by senior police officers and Government strategy advisers.

Prison Training
Working with experienced UK Prisons staff, we have developed prison officer training, for both new officer training and specialist courses