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3G Associates providing advice to the United Kingdom Government on digitising the police service in England and Wales.

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3G Associates was established in 2010 to provide advice, strategic direction and training to law enforcement agencies both in the United Kingdom and internationally.


3G Associates brings together a blend of senior police officers, experienced strategists, project managers and trainers to provide expert advice and guidance to Governments and law enforcement agencies.


Our associates work with clients to support their programmes whether through developing the strategy, designing the solution, managing the project or delivering training.


We are currently providing advice and support to the UK Government on CCTV, police use of Body Worn Video, and the capture, storage and use of digital information and evidence through a Collaborative Digital Information Store (CDIS), as part of the Government programme to digitise the police service by 2016. The Operational, Efficiency and Digitisation Programme (Digital First).


Our work on the Digital First Programme leaves us well placed to provide advice and support to police forces, Police and Crime Commissioners and to the criminal justice system agencies on the introduction and use of Body Worn Cameras, Digital Information Storage and the Digital Witness Statement.

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Update the CCTV Retrieval and Replay training package on behalf of the Centre for Applied Science and Technology.

This training is now being delivered by the College of Policing to officers in England and Wales

Writing the National CCTV Strategy for the State of Qatar

The strategy was written at the request of the Qatari Ministry of the Interior, to help them obtain the best results from the CCTV systems currently deployed. We have recently reviewed the strategy for the MoI to ensure that they are continuing to use the system efficiently and appropriately.

Design and Deliver Security Awareness and Body Language Analysis Training in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates

In order to address concerns about the risk of terrorism and increases in crime, as the Middle East developed its position as a transit point from Europe to the far East and Australasia (with the development for example of Hamid international Airport in Doha), 3G associates was asked to design and deliver Security Awareness and Body Language Analysis Training to immigration and border police in Qatar. To date we have delivered eight courses, and such has been the success, that the Head of Airport security in Qatar, has reported an increase of 70% in the detection of fraudulent travel documents, by the officers who have so far received the training.

The success of the course also led to it being delivered on five occasions in Abu Dhabi.

CCTV Operator Training

The national CCTV Strategy for Qatar identified a significant gap in the training delivered to CCTV operators in that country. We have now delivered four courses to CCTV operators, which included identifying suitable officers to become trainers. Those trainers are now continuing to deliver that training in Qatar.


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